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Endowing Your Gift

     If you could make just one gift that would continue to benefit your parish or cherished ministry every year for 100 years…200 years…forever – would you do it?


     Because of your gift today, next year will be stronger for our adoration chapel.  Your gift today to our endowment fund is an excellent way to pass on our faith – one of the greatest gifts of all – to build what the prophet Jeremiah called, “a future full of hope.”


     Endowing your gift is different than placing a gift in the Sunday offertory. Your weekly support of your parish, through the offertory, is an outright gift, meaning your parish can use your contribution immediately for the operations. Your gift is given; your gift may be spent.


     On the other hand, when you endow your gift, you are instructing that your donation be invested on behalf of our adoration chapel, to generate earnings from your donation this year and for every year thereafter – benefitting our chapel forever! The endowment provides a consistent source of ongoing income for the chapel which becomes greater with each charitable contribution to the endowment.  Annual disbursements to our adoration chapel begin when an endowment reaches a minimum $10,000 balance and has been in existence for one full year.

There are also additional tax deduction benefits to an endowment, call the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Montana for more information. (406) 727-6683 ext. 120

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